11-Millions of Yrs??







Verse 22 —- 30 yrs — Age of Serug when he begat Nahor

Verse 24 —- 29 yrs — Age of Nahor when he begat Terah

Verse 26 —- 70 yrs — Age of Terah when he begat Abram/Abraham

_________________ Total years = 301 yrs

God later changed Abram’s name to Abraham – Genesis 17:5

From the flood until Abraham’s birth – 301 yrs.

Noah lived 350 years after the flood. He would have been alive until Abraham was 49 years old.

Abraham was 75 years old when God promised to make of him a great nation and led him to the promised land.

Abraham, Nahor and Haran were the sons of Terah. Lot was the son of Haran (Genesis 11:27), which made Lot Abraham’s nephew. Abraham took Lot with him when he went to the promised land. Lot’s father had already died.


Millions of Years??

Genesis 5 contains the genealogy from Adam to Noah. (1656 years)


Genesis 11 continues the genealogy, starting with Noah’s son Shem and ending with Abram/Abraham. (301 years)


Matthew 1 contains the genealogy from Abraham to Jesus.

Matthew 1:17 Tells us that all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations;

And from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations;

And from the carrying away into Babylon to Christ are fourteen generations.

(A total of 42 generations from Abraham to Jesus)


Our calendar tells the number of years from Christ to the present – 2017 years.


What’s my point? My point is that there is no room for millions of years.


Many Christians try to fit evolution into their beliefs. I have been guilty of that, when I had not read the scriptures. The Bible is very specific. There was no death before sin. The genealogies show the time from the garden to the cross. There is no time for millions of years. There is no time for evolution. We can’t believe both. We must get off the fence and trust God’s Word.


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